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For nearly two decades Octopus Studios has been a commercial photographer in Hemel Hempstead and Watford, producing creative
and effective commercial photographic images for use in design,
Advertising, PR, and publishing, resulting in commissions for the AA, Volkswagen, 3M the BBC and Many other household names. 

Octopus studios generates a variety of original  tailor – made images
on location including still life, quality interiors and Creative portraiture  designed to fulfil your briefs and requirements.

When Neil Proctor formed Octopus in 1990, he wanted to bring its
Clients all the deeply felt passion for photography that has seen him travel the world in search of images that are regularly shown in exhibitions and leading international stock libraries like Alamy images.

Now, that passion is the driving force behind every new picture that
Octopus creates for all its clients - to create lasting images that inform,
Promote or provoke.

Contact Neil on 01442 876089 or mobile 07860 242070 for more details.

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